Climbing Kanamo Peak– the White Hostess, Spiti valley!


🙏 How even the most experienced trekkers can get lost in the mountains!

“He said he would head back to the base camp. His foot, hit by chilblains, was in excruciating pain. He couldn’t go on. But eight hours and a summit climb later when his team returned, they couldn’t find him at the base camp. He was not in contact with anyone. Saranbir was missing.”

How could a Senior Trek Leader, especially Saranbir, who has conducted several rescues in the Himalayas himself, get lost?

Thirteen hours earlier, at 2 am. Sachin narrates his story.

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These treks do not happen everyday! The story that broke us down completely, only to rebuild us from scratch.

kanamo climb2

“Even in its darkest passages, the heart is unconquerable. 
It is important that the body survives, but it is more meaningful 
that the human spirit prevails.” ― Dave Pelzer

Indiahikes was my second company where, I worked on bringing technology to the trekking and outdoor world!

This article is to get a quick gist of things to do if you get lost in the mountain!

kanamo climb

📓 What to do if you get lost in the mountains:

  1. Firstly, avoid panicking. The more you panic, the more you lose your ability to make good decisions. Breathe deep and calm yourself. Sipping water will help too.
  2. Try to retrace to the route. If you’re stuck in cloudy and bad weather, stay put. The clouds will clear up at some point in time and you can find your way. If weather clears out then continue, and if not, wait for a maximum of 30 mins (if it’s the first half of the day) or 15 mins (if it’s the second half of the day). :road:
  3. If there is a river nearby, and if it’s not too far away, try following it in either of directions. It is likely to lead you to the nearest inhabited area.
  4. Keep hydrating yourself as much as possible. Refill at every water source. Try reserving any food as long as you can.
  5. Make note of the trail beforehand. Mark the hills and mountains around you.
  6. Keep a whistle and a torch handy so that you can send out distress calls.

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An old-school guy seeking new adventures :) When I’m not building cloud solutions @DigitalOcean, you can find me exploring the mountains. I love spending time outdoors. I’m a photographer and high altitude trekker.