Why? What? Where? Of That Architecture!

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Why of cloud infra

One thing that comes a lot while reviews is how important it is to ask right set of questions?

❓“How do you think is your Infrastructure architected?”

  • the above question is very generic and can be something that might not fetch important details, especially things which are important for the business. 

So, how important is to ask the right questions?

It is very important, this gives more of a structure and clarity. More clarity adds to important details getting captured.

Let’s take it other way round.

It’s easier to say,

“Hey, that can be broken down to microservices and you could have a well architected auto-scaling platform.”

Although, have we thought for a second, is it easy to take those legacy codes, break it down, and containerized it?

  • It’s not! 👺

Hence, categorizing and asking the right questions is the key.

The WHY?- Why do you want to move this application to the cloud?

The HOW?- How much of code change- is fine?
- How is the workload(traffic)? Constant or any other pattern?
The What?- What is the current infra size in terms of hardware (sizing) 
and do you have any cost constraints?
- What are your monitoring requirements?

The Where?- Where are the log stored now [OS, app, and DB logs] 
and your thoughts on log management and retention policy?

Note: These are just some of the samples and not a full or exhaustive list. There are many other questions that can be asked to have clarity.

Just make sure to structure things instead of asking generic ones!

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